Reduce your general liability insurance cost and recoup up to 30% of your premiums!

First Fidelity Brokerage, Inc has been selected as a distributor for an exclusive new General Liability Insurance program for Real Estate Owners and Managers. The Program provides a unique pricing structure that reduces premium costs and rewards clients who have a long-term record of superior loss results.


  • Commercial Office Buildings
  • Warehouse Facilities *Lessor’s Risk Only
  • Luxury Condominiums
  • Ultra-Luxury Rental Apartments

The program provides an incentive for the property owner to earn back up to 30% of the general liability premium.  The premium savings comes from an innovative approach by creating a pre-funded Self Insured Retention (SIR) account.  To the extent it is not used to pay claims (including LAE), the amount remaining in the loss fund is returned to the client.   

The general liability policy is available to insureds that have a track record of good loss experience, and want to be incented to recoup premiums for well managed properties.  The SIR fund will be a percentage of the otherwise “first dollar” premium that would be charged for the risk. The percentage of premium will be 30% for all states, with the exception of New York (10%) and New Jersey (20%) during this introductory phase.   

The policies are underwritten by a highly respected and well regarded multinational insurance company rated A- (Excellent) by A.M. Best. Loss Control and Claim are provided by York Company; a national leader in insurance loss prevention and claim service excellence. 

For additional information including applications for insurance and more, contact William McNeil at (212) 933-9050 x 1804.



1. Program is available to potential accounts that typically don’t have the ability to be covered by a deductible program.
2. Without this approach the only way for you to gain these financial advantages would be to create your own captive insurance or an alternative risk program.
3. Captives are a very costly alternative that are only feasible for very large accounts. This program gives you those advantages and more.
4. Finally be rewarded with good loss experience. The program returns the unused SIR funds to the insured at 12 months (50%) and at 24 month (remainder) after expiration.*
5. Our appetite is very broad and diverse within the real estate segment. Our minimum premium is $35,000 which allows most types and sizes of buildings to qualify.
6. Innovation and flexibility give us the ability to offer general liability limits from $1m Occurrence/$2m Aggregate up to $2m Occ./$4m Aggregate.
*Please note: Unused SIR funds are returned to the insured and subject to final review of open claims and claim expense


What Real Estate is Eligible?
Commercial office buildings, luxury condominiums and apartments, and warehouse (lessor’s risk) real estate that very good loss experience. They must have a 35% or better loss ratio on their general liability policy for the last 5 years in order to qualify, and a minimum premium of $35,000.

How Do I Get a Quote?
Contact your FFB representative or contact William McNeil at (212) 933-9050 x 1804. An application will need to be provided along with 5 year loss experience which we can assist in securing.

When Can I Expect to Recoup Premiums?
After the policy term expires, a calculation will be completed to determine what amount is remaining in the SIR fund. At 12 months after expiration, 50% of the unused funds will be returned to the insured. At 24 months after expiration, any amount left in the SIR fund will be returned to the insured.

What Happens if My SIR Fund is Depleted?
There is no down side! If losses during a policy term exceed the amount of the SIR fund, the insurance company is responsible for any amount over the SIR funded amount. For example, if you have a $30,000 SIR fund and there was a $1m paid claim, the insured would be responsible for the $30,000 and the insurance company for the remainder. The insured is never at risk for more than the SIR fund amount.

Who Will Issue the Policy?
The polices are issued on non-admitted paper with a carrier that is rated A-XIII (Excellent) by AM Best.

Can I Finance the Premiums and the SIR?
Premium financing for both the premium and the SIR is available.

What Is Unique About this SIR?
What is so unique about this program is that you get all of the advantages of an SIR without any of the associated administration expenses or required collateral, previously only available to large corporations. The SIR (Self-Insured Retention) provides the ability for the insured to participate in some of the risk sharing with the insurance company.

Who handles Claims and Loss Control Services?
Claims Management and Loss Control is provided by York Risk Services Group, a premier provider of insurance services including claims management, managed care, specialized loss adjusting, alternative risk programs, pool administration and risk control.


William McNeil  | Senior Vice President

Tel: (212) 933-9050 x 1804