First Fidelity Brokerage Purchases Flood Insurance Website

Site Facilitates Obtaining Coverage at Low Cost

NEW YORK, January 1, 2013 – First Fidelity Brokerage has purchased the website from Premium Savings of America for an undisclosed amount, according to Eugene B. Podokshik, CEO and Principal, First Fidelity. is a user-friendly site that provides flood insurance quotes and information about flood insurance for homeowners and businesses nationwide.  It has a link to estimate flood damage based on the height of the water. It also has a link to the federal program.

“The need for homeowners and businesses to understand flood insurance and whether it is needed has been magnified by the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy,” Podokshik says. “This has created a new awareness of the need for flood insurance, even in areas where the risk might seem minimal.”Many homeowners and businesses, he points out, are still unaware that flood insurance is not part of the basic insurance policy.  The insurance must be obtained separately, either from a private insurance company or from the government-backed National Flood Insurance Program.

Using homeowners and businesses can fill out a simple application online or download it to obtain a quote.  The applicant may receives terms from several different insurers and programs. After reviewing the quote and the terms, which may vary in price and coverages, the homeowner or businessperson can quickly obtain coverage via the internet.  No high pressure selling and there is no obligation to purchase coverage by filling out the application.

This is for homeowners and businesses in low and medium-risk areas as well as high risk areas.  Flood insurance pricing from the NFIP program for homes and businesses located in low risk flood zones are shown right on the website without the need to complete an application.

“With the increase in unpredictable weather and damaging storms in recent years, more homeowners and businesses should, at the very least, consider having some level of flood insurance,” Podokshik says.

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