At the Core

We are committed to doing business in a sustainable, ethnical, and conscientious manner.

Corporate Social Responsibility – First Fidelity believes in giving back to the communities and businesses with which we work and we have made Corporate Social Responsibility an integral part of our agenda.   We encourage our employees to volunteer in organizations and causes of their interests. Virtually all of the FFB leadership volunteer as directors for numerous not for profit organizations.

Client First We are an extremely client centric company: Goal oriented, strategic, and entrepreneurial. With a simple business philosophy of Client First, our positive results are derived from relationships built upon trust, respect, and honesty.

Sustainability As our society moves towards a greener more sustainable planet, we understand it is our responsibility to conduct business in a manner that protects and improves the environment for future generations. Our commitment in minimizing our carbon footprint on the environment is evidenced by being a paperless company and supporting virtual-office workplaces in order to conserve energy and materials, as well as reduce waste.

Ethics and Governance We believe in full disclosure and complete transparency. We oversee our business practices ensuring that they are aligned with the environment, our communities and within industry standards. We expect our affiliates and colleagues to adhere to the same business principles.

Philanthropy FFB provides supports to number of charitable and not-for-profit organizations. We encourage our staff to engage and contribute to local and national philanthropic endeavors.