The Company

First Fidelity Brokerage is a specialty insurance broker, procuring various insurance contracts and creating specific insurance programs for its clients. As a leading regional insurance broker, FFB has the resources and specialized expertise of a multi-national firm. Our size and structure allow us to be highly focused on individual client’s needs, therefore consistently delivering comprehensive and cost effective solutions. For international placements, we have developed our own network and are able to place coverage directly in 87 countries, with access to another 67 countries through our local broker partners.

Formed in 1994, the company has grown organically without any acquisitions and remains a privately held company.

Binding Authority
We have developed numerous programs specific to the niches we serve and hold binding authority with several of the national carriers for certain classes of business.

Insurance Attorneys
We value the special contribution that risk-aware attorneys can make in structuring, procuring and administering insurance policies. Benefits of having an attorney involved at the onset include:

  • Additional guidance in determining appropriate types and levels of coverage properly insure against risks
  • A legal professional to analyze and interpret insurance policies and coverage questions
  • Review of ambiguous language
  • Pre-emptive involvement by your attorney in claim cases where a reservation of rights letter is issued and coverage may potentially to be denied. With counsel already involved this early in the process, the carrier is less likely to deny coverage for fear of bad-faith litigation. We will work with your counsel or can provide a panel of counsel for you to choose from.

FFB also created the position of Lead Counsel of Quality Assurance, the first such position in the insurance industry. This position is held by a qualified legal professional who acts as an advocate and a conduit between the insurance broker and the client’s counsel.

We have invested in proprietary and best-of-the-best third party systems to bring automation and thus efficiency to our service model. FFB has developed a number of proprietary systems specific to the insurance niches that we serve. We also rely on XDimensional’s Nexsure, a web-based agency management solution. Nexsure allows our insurance professionals to manage their business through a full suite of sales, carrier marketing, policy servicing, document management, billing, accounting and reporting capabilities, all navigated via an online interface. It lets our professionals respond to client needs on the spot in real-time, as well as update and enter new data and records. As a result, it speeds business and improves customer service.

For Clients – We are able to provide our customers with 24/7 services by providing online access to your files.

  • Obtain Certificates of Insurance
  • Access your policies and schedule of insurance
  • Print your Auto ID Cards
  • Make change requests and requests for service
  • Access your information on your phone or iPad. Our application is mobile and is available for the iPhone, iPad, Android devices, and through the Windows Phone.